Past speakers

Anna Warrington - Forum for the Future

‘If we want to make change, we need to think better. We need keen insight into the systems we’re working with, the ability to anticipate change in order to frame solutions and tools for getting things done under difficult circumstances. But most of all, we need awakened imaginations.’
Alex Steffen, Planetary Futurist, IDEO, Green Futures: The Long View2015

Futures is a powerful set of techniques that enables long term – and sustainable – thinking and planning. It has captured the imagination of senior business and government leaders the world over, and can be a ‘stealth’ way of engaging even the most sceptical of people in creating the world we want to see. It enables core business functions such as strategy, marketing and supply chain to understand their role and make change happen. At Forum for the Future we have been using these techniques for 20 years with global businesses, including the Aditya Birla Group here. This session will give you a flavour of the techniques, how they have been applied and what happened as a result.

Anna is currently Director, Forum India. She leads Forum's work in India as part of our global mission to work in partnership with business, government and other organisations to solve complex sustainability challenges. Her speciality focuses on Sustainable Innovation in Business - working with organisations to foster game changing ideas, build practical yet ambitious pipelines, prototype the future we want to see. She is an expert at applying Futures techniques to enable innovation and in developing strategy and organisational design that fosters sustainable innovation. Anna has had the privilege of working with many of the pioneering organisations in sustainability such as Ecover and Method, AkzoNobel, Bupa, Alliance Boots, BASF, Marks & Spencer, Kimberly-Clark, Kingfisher and Unilever.